About Us

We're just three guys with a passion for guitars, guitar accessories, and a knack for computers. Since there's a lot more going on with the first part, we spent some time on the second and sourced high quality, incredibly priced accessories. Crossroads Music Shop, is a collection of guitar straps, cases, and accessories.

Guitar Strap Collections

Artist Series

Our artist series guitar straps are composed of what we deem to be highest quality materials. Artist series straps feature leather materials, handmade pattern designs, and comfort padding. 

Signature Series

Crossroads signature series guitar straps are our basic cotton and polyester straps with some extra perks. Most of our signature series straps are patterned as well as feature leather ends for added durability. 

Standard Series

Crossroads standard series guitar straps just get the job done. These guitar straps are durable, affordable guitar straps for general use.